For parents

The entrance hall has been especially designed to allow a smooth transition between the family environment and the day nursery for both the children and the parents.

Photos illustrating the children’s days as well as detailed recipes from our kitchen are exclusively at the parents’ disposal online. In order to access it from our website, please ask for your access code at the secretariat.

Parents also have access to our library/toy library so they can borrow objects they are interested in.

At the moment, there are several conferences and seminaries offered in cooperation with the Center of formation InterActif, led by Alain Thiry:

  • How to develop a healthy authority
  • Psychological personalities and treatment planning
  • NLP learning strategies

The events are organized in the same building as the day nursery at Windhof, near Steinfort.

Other conferences related to childhood will take place in the near future, depending on the center of interest and the demands of the parents.

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