Pedagogic approach

The child is a complete human being. As adults, we are there to accompany them by establishing a secure affective relationship of mutual trust, which allows them to grow at their own rhythm and depending on their momentary needs.

The educative attitude of our nursery team is child-centered after the principles of the Progressive Education Movement (1) and needs observation, listening and analysis.

In order to respond to the child’s needs, we do ensure to:

  • Favor the reliance or trusting interpersonal relationship with the child that conditions its future affective stability, while being affectively accessible without intrusion or indifference.
  • Alternate the phases where we let the children live in their rhythm with a wait-and-see attitude (2) and those where we offer them experiences stimulating their desire to explore (3).
  • Open the children’s groups at some moments of the day to favor the constructive social exchanges between different age groups.

In order to act in the child’s interest, we are also listening to the parents and give them a daily report of their child’s day, notably concerning important information like: health, food, emotions, actions, activities, attitudes, evolutions and particular needs.

Because growing up is child’s play, the day nursery HÊtre is above all a place of discovery and natural experimentation for all aspects of life.

  • (1) Pedagogical approach in the service of the child that advocates the child’s active participation to its own development. Starting from the child’s centers of interest, we try to wake their desire to explore and to cooperate, while giving equal importance to the different educational domains: intellectual, artistic, physical, manual and social. Learning to have a social life is thereby essential.
  • (2) Inspired by the method of Pikler Loczy – based on the importance of verbalization, of free play and of respecting the child’s autonomous activity – we go in the direction of what the child lives, while letting them make their experiences without trying to control everything, but while taking the time to promote a qualitative harmonious development.
  • (3) Trained with the Montessori method – which favors the importance of sensorial awakening and completely auto-didactic material – we make sure that, whenever the child is ready, the material is accessible and an adult is ready to allow the child to stimulate their desire and motivation to learn.

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