The activities offered are adapted to the evolution and to the needs of your child:

  • Language learning and introduction to science.
  • “Learning how to learn”: memorizing, understanding, …
  • Learning preparatory to school education.
  • Psychomotor development and sport activities: gymnastics, swimming pool, etc.
  • Musical animation and initiation to Art.
  • Cultural activities and excursions: pedagogical farm, forest, museum, etc.
  • Daily outdoor activities: playground, green area next to the day nursery.
  • Recreation and recovery: massages, yoga, individual bed, cozy corner.
  • Balanced meals: from breakfast until afternoon snacks.
  • Exploration of spaces and objects all in security.
  • Cycle and nature of the activities foster a healthy live rhythm for your child.
  • At moments, common activities with all ages and promoting reciprocal discoveries.

All while having fun, in a stable social environment, your child can find the resources for its own development.

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