A place to live

In addition to our educational project, our choices are always in direction of balance and harmony for every human being.

This philosophy naturally guided us to choose an environment that is healthy and sustainable down to the finest detail.

In the interest of qualitative childcare, the day nursery HÊtre has deployed its premises at the garden level of the SolarWind building. These infrastructures are thought to allow everyone – children, parents and the supervising staff – to benefit from the spaces, to discover, to grow all while respecting the needs for calm, for rest and for the intimacy of everyone.

The partitioning has been studied to limit the spread of sounds and to absorb the noise at a maximum, as well as the lights and occultation can be adapted to the activity of the moment: afternoon naps, reading, singing, learning, crafts, kitchen workshops, games, etc.

The materials used respond to a strict form of requirements that privileges natural resources, recyclable materials, untreated wood, natural waxes and hard oils, the varnish, watercolors and water-based glues as well as natural colorants.

A private or convivial environment, illuminated or subdued, favorable to calm or noises, to celebrations, to rest, or to didactics etc., well, an ideal living space for every moment of the day of the children and their caregivers.

Approved day nursery - Cheque Service application (support for childcare costs)