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Designed to foster transparence, conviviality, comfort and aesthetics, our spaces are changeable and adapted to all the development stages of the children in within the nursery environment.

Spacious and visitor-friendly entrance hall, gallery for the children’s masterpieces and for official communication, open living spaces with generous volumes for every group of children, practical storage spaces, an adapted wardrobe, equipped and functional kitchen, visible for all… Not to forget the green areas outside which are made for outdoor activities like gardening and games, or the green zone of Koerich and its path for nature walks!

Entrance hall


Day nurseries Goetzingen, organic day nurseries


Day nursery Luxembourg, day nurseries Koerich

Dormitory "Stars"

Day nurseries Strassen, day nursery Luxembourg

Green area for Babies

Day nurseries Steinfort, day nursery Garnich


Day nursery Kleinbettigen, organic day nurseries


Day nursery Capellen, day nurseries Olm


Day nursery Luxembourg, ecological day nurseries


Day nursery Garnich, day nurseries Luxembourg


Day nursery Hagen, day nurseries Mamer
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